The 100 Days of Project Doodle

From August 6, 2015 to November 15, 2015, I created 100 doodles for “100 Days of Doodle”. It is a personal creative project inspired by The 100 Day Project Doodle with Elle Luna and The Great Discontent. The goal is to show up day after day and celebrate the process of making.

Here are 3 things I learned along the way:

1. Nothing is original.
“Authenticity is invaluable; originality is non-existent.” — Jim Jarmusch
When I started the project, I had no idea what to doodle. I would google “doodle” and whatever other keywords I feel like doodling that day and copied the results into my notebook. Later, I created my own board on Pinterest and started filling it with as many inspirations as possible.

With my growing collection on Pinterest, I found it easier to find piece that resonated with me and related to my daily life. Later on, instead of copying the existing piece, I started to remake of one or more ideas to create my own pieces.

Technically, my doodles are not “original” because they are usually inspired by the existing pieces. However, since I presented them using my own voice, my doodles became more and more authentic.

the100dayDay 82: Movie <Wreck It Ralph>

the100day1Day 67: Chinese Tea Egg Recipe

2. You’re ready. Start making stuff.
Getting started was the scariest part. Sometimes I will sit in front of my Moleskine notebook for hours instead of picking up the marker. In order to stop procrastination, I had set rules for my doodle routine:

10:30pm-11pm: Brainstorming

11pm-11:30pm: Doodling

Once the clock reaches 11pm, I will start doodling even if I think I wasn’t “ready”. The results were surprising: it’s usually during drawing that I figured out what I want to draw.

The same rules applied to busy days: instead of skipping the day, I would quickly scribble something and call it done. After all, the goal of this project was to show up every day, no matter how fancy/simple your work is.

the100day2Day 44: Barre Class (2-min doodle)

3. Do it for yourself.
I started sharing my doodles on Twitter and Instagram on day 14 and 56 respectively. Since then, I would receive a few “Likes” every morning. The support from friends and community has motivated me greatly and made me more accountable along the way.

However, as more people paid attention to my work, I started feeling pressure because I didn’t want to disappoint them. For a while, I had a hard time making the first stroke.

It was Veronica Wong’s writing <183 days of hand lettering> that helped me walk out of the “Likes Trap”:

“People will like things for reasons out of your control. Arts speaks to different people in different ways and the number of likes does not determine the value of your work.” — Veronica Wong
While the likes were validating, I will never forget the reason I started this project: I started it because it was fun, because I craved to create. This project was for me. I’m doing it for myself.

the100day3Day 57: Just Do You

The end is a new start for
The 100 days of doodle project has been a creative refresh for me. It allowed me to develop new skills, meet amazing people, and reignited my passion for making things.

Right after day 100, I started another 100 day project called. I’m excited to see what will happen in the next 100 days and where this personal project takes me.

You can find all my posted doodles and follow my 100 Days of Lettering on Twitter and Instagram.


Blood Bank

ever happened to you to think someone is so good and harmless, but then ..

yea, it did happened to me, and dwarfs were involved too *wink*


you can find the originals by chris battle here and here.

i used stabilo sensor (o.3mm)


2b and 4b wooden pencils, wax pencils and the not so glittery pens



took me ~45min

see you tomorrow

You Did What?!

that’s a pretty scared sock, right? *wink*


originals by chris battle, you can find them here and here

i used stabilo sensor (o.3mm)


4b wooden pencil


and a bit of glittery thing (see the pictures here) on the glasses (didn’t worked out so well there)

took me ~50min

see you tomorrow *hugs*

it’s my b-day and i’ll doodle happy monsters if i want to, monsters if i want to, monsters if i want to

yup, today is my day

and yup, there u have it, 2 cute little monsters

( oh, and new “toys”)


again, you can find the originals in chris battle’s drawings (1 & 2)

i used

stabilo sensor (o.3mm).


and my new “toys” (of course i was referring to new pens *wink*, some ..kind of glittery cool ones )



this took me 1h 20min and i really had fun drawing *smile*

see you tomorrow for more sweets

Oh, You? Again?


today i bought this really cool pencil, “rainbow pencil” some name it and looks something like this


basically there’s the red, yellow, blue and green pencils, all under the same wooden “shell”

of course, i wanted to try my new toy on something, so i did this:


both happy faces i took from chris battle’s drawings (1 & 2)

i used the rainbow pencil


stabilo sensor (o.3mm)


4b wooden pencil


and orange wax pencil

took me ~50min and i really had fun drawing *smile*

see you tomorrow for more sweets

Let Me Tell You Something


this week’s “subject” will be chris battle and his splendid drawings *smile*

make sure you check out his work *wink*

so, looking around i found those 2 (first & second) pieces, and since i liked them the most, here is what i came out with for today :


for this i used 4b wooden pencil, black wax pencil


stabilo sensor (o.3mm)


and colored wax pencils. took me ~ 1h 10min

see you all tomorrow *smile*

Oh.. Really!


for today, just 2 funny figures. i like them both, so i hope you like them too.


you can see the originals here

i used 4b wooden pencil for woman’s face shadows


stabilo sensor (o.3mm).


and wax colored pencils. took me 50min.

see you tomorrow *smile*


i like unicorns .. so .. yea, i had fun doodling one

you can see the originals here and here


for this one i used 4b wooden pencil for shadows


stabilo sensor (o.3mm).


and a bit of color using wax pencils.took me 50min *smile*

check me out tomorrow too, for other sweets *wink*

Why?? Why??

.. poor little pencil


originals are artworks by sarah satrun and you can find them here and here( witch one is it? *wink*).

for this one i used 4b wooden pencil for bits of shading


stabilo sensor (o.3mm).


and of course my beloved wax pencils. took me just 45min *smile*

see you tomorrow *wink*